“I can't believe that 2022 would be the year I achieved some of my biggest dreams! Winning gold in the European Championship at home here in Denmark, as well as 2 world championship silver medals, one in the ICF techrace 1000m and one in the ISA Worlds sprint. Then taking the win in Korea at the APP World Tour.
This is everything I have been working for the past years. Getting a bad foot injury in June put me off the water until 3 weeks before this championship. Despite of that, I still managed to push trough and I think all the hours on the water before my injury and in the gym during my injury, paid off! This as well as the mindset, that nothing is impossible and that having fun, working hard eventually will pay off. Thank you to my coach for reminding me that before the events!"

Thank you to my family, coach, Jeppe and everyone around for being a part of my journey and believing in me!


Results 2018-2022

Here you can find my results from my past years of racing. I'm stoked to have moved up into the womens devision in 2021 and will do my best here in 2022 to climb the rankings in the women's devision.

2022 highlights so far

2nd place, ISA World championship, sprint

2nd place, ICF World championship, techrace

1st place, European Championship, sprint

1st place, APP World Tour Korea, Overall

1st place, APP World Tour Korea, Sprint

2nd place, World Sup Festival Santa Pola, Techrace

3rd place, APP World Tour Korea, distance

3rd place, APP World Tour London, Sprint 

4th place, ICF World championship, sprint

4th place, Ice Race Lake Thun, Sprint

5th place, Ice Race Lake Thun, technical

1st Overall, APP World Tour Korea

September 24-25th 2022

1st, APP World Tour Korea

September 24th 2022, Sprint

3rd, APP World Tour Korea

September 25th 2022, Distance 10k

3rd, APP World Tour London

September 17th 2022, Sprint

2nd, ICF World Championship, Poland

September 7-12th, technical race

4th, ICF World Championship, Poland

September 7-12th 2022, sprint

1st place, European Championship, DK

August 30th 2022, sprint

2nd place, World SUP Festival, Santa Pola

June 5th 2022, technical race

10th place, Euro Tour, Santa Pola

June 4th, 2022, World SUP Festival

4th place, ICF World Cup, Switzerland

May 2022, 100m sprint

5th place, ICF World Cup, Switzerland

May 2022, 1000m Technical race

1st place, Odense, danish SUP Tour

April 2022, 15km Longdistance

5th place APP WORLD TOUR, North Carolina

2021, wave sprint, November

1. place Euro Tour, Hvide Sande

2021, 14 km, September

2x Gold Medal, danish championship Sæby

2021, Sprint & technical racing, August

1. Woman Danish SUP tour Stevns Klint

2021, 13 km longdistance, June

1. Woman danish sup tour Odense

2021, 13 km longdistance, May

1. Woman, World Tour

2020, World Tour virtuel sprint, August. (20 km/h)

1. Woman Danish Championship

2020, Sprint, Longdistance, technical race and overall. Hvide Sande.

1. u18 girls danish championship

2020, Hvide Sande

1. woman danish surftour

2020, longboard, Klitmøller

3. Woman, Euro Tour

2019, SUP race, Holland Zandvoort

10th Woman World Tour

2019, New York, APP world Tour

World Chamionship Qualification

2019, Danmark, All disciplines

1. Woman Danish championship

2019, Overall, technical race, sprint, Aalborg & Løkken

 1. Girls u18 Danish championship

2019, Løkken & Aalborg

1. Woman Danish sup tour

2019, Hvide Sande

Bronze medal world championship ionship u18 girls

2018, China Hainan

13th Woman world championship

2018, SUP Surf, China Hainan

World Championship qualification

2018, u18 girls and women tech race, China Hainan

1. Girls u18 danish championship

2018, Copenhagen

2nd woman danish championship

2018, Copenhagen, sprint, technical and longdistance

1. woman world cup open

2018, Scharbeutz Tyskland

2nd, ISA World championship, Puerto Rico

Omtober 30th, Sprint