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Experience & Expertise in SUP

Hi! My name is Caroline Küntzel and I am a professional stand up paddler. I am 3x danish champion and I have been on the podium at international events like the Euro Tour and World Championship.

I am very passionate about SUP & training. This made me create last year to share all my knowledge with Denmark and the world, to help others get to achieve their personal goals.


Junior coaching


I love coaching juniors and have 3 years experience. I want to share my passion for SUP and pass my knowledge on to the next generation and other SUP lovers!

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Since I started with SUP I learned to create and follow the right trainings plans. I am curious and always want to gain more knowledge, especially within the topic of training, surfing and SUP. I have had great succes with my own programs and so have people who have been following personalized plans with me. This makes me so happy and nothing is better than seeing my clients succeed! I have taken different SUP instructor educations and online trainings plan courses, among reading and always researching the latest within training and coaching in general and SUP.

Clinics & events


I have been teaching bigger groups of people at events in SUP since 2020. I am specialized in sprint, technical racing and ocean conditions, but is interested in all the disciplines and formats of SUP. In the season I spend lots of time on flatwater as well, learning new skills & testing gear.

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Who am I?

I´m Caroline Kuntzel, a danish girl who have a great passion for stand up paddling. I started paddling in 2017, at 15 years old when Denmark was the host of the SUP World Championship. I got inspired and my world turned around. Suddenly I had a goal - I wanted to become a pro SUP surfer.

My dad have been surfing since he was a teenager and has helped me understand everything I should know. From that point I went on water almost everyday for about 2-7 hours. Within a few months I got selected as the woman to represent Denmark at the World Championship, in all disclines. Along with that I won a bronze medal in the u18 girls at the Worlds and also secured myself a 13th place along the women. In 2019 I won all disciplines in the danish championship.

At that moment I set a goal, I wanted to become the best female sprinter and technical racer in the world. Since then I have moved closer and closer to my goal. This year I am going all in & I am stoked to see what will happen the next couple years traveling the world competing.

On my way to the top, my goal is to help develop this sport and create more awareness. I want to share all the knowledge I already have and help others, especially juniors, make their goals in SUP and surfing. This year I am coaching the juniors at the local surf & SUP club and setting up the first SUP & surf junior summer camp.

As a person I´m passionate, ambitious and always looking for a fun way to improve. Besides SUP surfing and racing, I´m also a longboarder, shortboard and foil surfer. I love doing all kinds of sports and watersports and taking care of the nature around me is also a passion of mine.



Sustainability, loyalty, adventure and passion!

I believe in a sustainable future, where we take care of the environment and do what we as individuals can. I support brands who stand for recycling, using less and who chooses the right materials where it's possible. Small actions in my everyday life like collection plastic, supporting local sustainable brands and sharing the message.

Being loyal to the people around me and the ones who support me, is important to me. It's a huge part of my life talking and connecting and staying loyal to other people and my believes.

Adventure and passion are keywords to how I have chosen to live my life! I love trying new things, learning and to grow as a person. I live with big passion and when I do something, I do it with full commitment. I like to explore and to push my limits. I believe it's always possible to improve and this have always been a part of me.

The future of the sport is in the juniors. Supporting the development of gear, training and events for juniors will make this sport more fun, exciting and professional in the future. This is why I daily coach and help juniors move forward with their passion for SUP. I love seeing young juniors progress and discover the magic of SUP.


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