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Bliv klar til sæsonen med en online plan!

*Only in danish*


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Passionate SUP Coaching by Pro athlete & danish champ Caroline Küntzel.

I have been working as a SUP coach for a few years now. I specialize in technique, gear for your bodytype and helping people identify and achieve their personal goals in SUP with this in mind. I love nerding technique and finding the best solution. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to helping you. Get in touch to learn more.

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Available plans

  • 4. weeks program

    Every week
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • 2x Weekly water sessions
    • 2x land based workouts, circuit/strength & yoga
    • Monthly competition suggestions & Event planner documents
    • 20% On video analysis


Junior program

How do you get into the junior program?

When does this program open for applications again?

You can apply this plan between July and December 2022. The program will then officially start January 2023 and continue to December 2023. 

Who can be a part of this program?

Passionate juniors, both boys and girls, in the u16, u18 & u21 group. To be considered one of the few spots each year, you have to know the basics on how to SUP. This includes, to have tried to paddle minimum 5k and have been or a planning to participate at one of the Kona Sports junior tour stops in Denmark or the danish championship, with a goal of getting faster and better technically.

Maybe even one day or near future with a goal to compete international.

How do you apply?

Please book a videocall session on for a conversation about your goals and dreams with SUP, and why you are looking for a spot on this program.


Plans you need to apply for...

Junior Program 2022

Danmarks eneste junior program!

2500 DKK/month or get yearly offer

*Only in danish*

  • Månedlig coaching videopkald

  • Gratis deltagelse på 2022 junior camp, med de andre juniorer på programmet.


  • Plan tilpasset til dine mål

  • 3x ugentlige race sessions

  • 3x Land-træning (Yoga, cirkel træning og styrketræning)

  • 2 månedlige video analyser

  • Raceplanlægning og evaluering

8 weeks coaching plan

All age groups

1400 DKK/month or 350 DKK/weekly

  • 1x Monthly coaching videocall

  • 3x weekly race session

  • 3x weekly land-based workouts (Yoga, circuit training & strength)

  • Choose: Sprint/tech, LD or general

  • 1x. monthly video analysis 

  • Race, gear & technique guidance 

How do you apply?

This plan is only available from January 2023. To apply please send a mail to to schedule a videocall.